Saturday, August 11, 2012

Future Pillar Formula

Future Pillar Formula
For Future Global Good
Fair Governance Free Society
I Dare
Share Care ~

To Think Smart
To Impart Impact
Universal Love Global Humanity
With Simple Humility.

Just Cultivate
The Art
And Science of Wisdom To Perpetuate
Kindness Goodness
To Pursue The Truth
With Persevering Will
Rippling Worth
Sparkling Wit
Proper and Fit.

Lo! Shine The Light
Might Right bright
Bathed Refreshed Charged
In Energy Vital Vision New
Bold As Gold
Everlasting Beauty
Mercy Charity Gravity

Go! Beam The Glory
Happiness Greatness

So Future Woman Future Man
Build the Best
And The Brightest Brand
For Future Family Future Society
Unleashing Free Fair Felicity
Fast Vast Velocity
Ruled Not In Tears
But In Light Years.

Fly Far and High
Beyond Today
Out of Earth
To Blaze The Way
Pioneering The Birth
Of Future Wise World
Future Humble Human
Exalting Kind Rule
Right True.

Do Come Contemplate
Fresh Awake
Future Pillar Formula
For Future Order Fair Life
Fine Line Refined Culture
For All To Educate
And Give Love Nurture
In Future Practice Awesome Blossom
Radiant in Brilliant 
Future Handsome
Benevolence Eminence
Generating New
Global Abundance Local Sustenance
With Breakthrough Mind Opener
Heart Warmer.

So Find Found
Future Formula Universal Solution
To Prevent Pain and Suffering
In Multi-dimensional Mastery
Super People Strategy
Far-sighted Prudent Good 
Governance Key

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