Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Forsake The CAGE!

Forsake The CAGE!
Of Slavery
In this New Millennium Age.

Cut the rope
Of Sands
That tie your hands
In Bands
Of Poverty,Penury and Misery.

Lift up your heads and eyes ~
See the heavens ~
So open so vast
Above the skies
So blue so high.

Behold the mountains
Towering so majestic
Cast steadfast
White in snow
Green in forest
Misty blue in dew
And the blue seas
So full of water
Teeming with abundant life
Stretching far infinite
From shore to shore
In the horizon boundless.

Feel the wonder
At the splendor
Of the golden sun
Rising and setting glorious
Constantly daily from east to west.

Contemplate the countless
Stars spectacular
In galactic clusters
From the farthest reaches
Beyond space and time
To the tiniest living things
And myriad raindrops
Falling on lakes,pools and ponds
Causing ripples after ripples
In ever widening circles...
And drink in
The beauty of the bright white moon
From crescent to full round
Without fail every month.

So cast away the man made chains
Of inhumanity,injustice and iniquity.

Wipe off the tears and fears
To live free,fair and fabulous
Full of grace.

Dare share care to sow
Goodness and righteousness
Globally to promote,strengthen and enhance
World Peace Global Humanity
In Freedom

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