Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beyond 2009 New Year Resolution ~ WisdomMountain Eight Treasures!

Beyond 2009 New Year Resolution ~
WisdomMountain's Eight Treasures

1. Instil Love for Truth
Justice Righteousness

2.Illuminate Educate
Promote Save Embed
Religion As Free Worship
Of God in Devotion to
His Glory

3.Clarify Expound
Duty of Mankind
on Earth to Gain
Knowledge and Wisdom
Nurture Good Progeny
And Institute Great
Public Institutions

4.Create Compose
Write Post Comment
Whatever Inspiring Letters
Free of Rules

5.Prudently Make
New Links and Good Friends

6.Dignify Glorify Life
To Highest Intelligence
And Creativity Optimizing
Spiritual Attainments

7.Stimulate Encourage
Strengthen Enhance
Realization of Fullest
Potential of All


8.Fight Eliminate
Racial Discriminations
Animosities Suspicions
Detrimental to Public Trust
Welfare Harmony Solidarity

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